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Paramus School District

Paramus High School Class of 2024 Commencement Ceremony

Paramus High School’s 65th commencement took place on the evening of June 20, 2024, on the Paramus High School football field. Graduates processed on to the field to Pomp and Circumstanceplayed by the Paramus High School band, led by Mr. Tyler Adel, band director. Marcus Sanchez, senior class president, led attendees in The Pledge of Allegiance, immediately followed by the national anthem performed by the Paramus High School band and choir. The Paramus High School choir, led by Ms. Rebecca Polynice, choir director, then performed the Paramus High School alma mater and a beautiful rendition of I Hope You Dance.

The 273 graduates were officially welcomed by Sanchez and addressed by valedictorian, Ian Park, and principal, Mr. Raymond J. Kiem. Park urged his fellow graduates to remember that Paramus will always be considered their home. “What lies ahead is unpredictable. There are inevitable doubts about the future and, come fall, we’ll feel as if we are not home,” he expressed. “For home lies not in what we seek, but in what we know. And home is where we want to be, but I think we’re already there. As we soon disperse to pursue our new paths, let us remember that we will always remain looped together by the bonds that we have cultivated here.”

In Mr. Kiem’s address, he noted that the special day marked the end of an era for the graduates. “Each of you has contributed uniquely to the diverse tapestry of Paramus High School, and for that, everyone here is incredibly proud,” he said. “The world is full of possibilities and I have no doubt that each of you will leave an indelible mark wherever you go.” Mr. Kiem concluded by thanking attendees for the last decade he has served Paramus High School as principal. “I do want to thank everyone here for everything,” he continued, “because the last 10 years as your principal has truly been the greatest honor of my life.”

Prior to the presentation of diplomas, Mr. Sean Adams, superintendent of schools, addressed the members of the class of 2024 and guests expanding on the meaning of the word “graduate.”

“The first definition of ‘graduate’ was straightforward: to receive an academic degree or a diploma,” he explained. “However, the second definition was much more intriguing: to pass from one stage of experience to another one. It struck me that, as per this definition, there is a name missing from the list of graduates: that of your retiring principal, Mr. Kiem.”

Mr. Adams continued, reflecting on how everyone was gathered that evening not only to celebrate what the students have learned, but to also acknowledge what the students have taught the faculty and staff along the way. “You have shown us the value of working hard, remaining strong in the face of sometimes overwhelming adversity,” he continued, “forging and maintaining strong relationships, and striving to make the world around you a better place.” In a thoughtful gesture to honor Mr. Kiem’s dedication over the years, Mr. Adams designated Mr. Kiem as an honorary member of the Paramus High School class of 2024 by providing him with the first diploma of the evening.

“I hereby certify that the students present here tonight have fulfilled all of the graduation requirements of the state of New Jersey and the Paramus Board of Education and are hereby officially graduates of Paramus High School,” Mr. Adams said. “Congratulations, class of 2024 graduates!”

Mr. Kiem and members of the Paramus Board of Education then presented diplomas to the members of Paramus High School’s class of 2024 and the Paramus High School band played celebratory recessional music as family and friends greeted the graduates on the field.

Congratulations to the following award recipients:

Board of Education Outstanding Academic Awards

  • Dillon Kim - Business
  • Victor Olivo - Computer Science
  • Meliza Chitic Luis - Directors of Guidance
  • lan Park - English
  • Natalie Martinez - Fine Arts
  • Victor Olivo - Mathematics
  • Maria Rivera - Performing Arts
  • Teah Polyakov - Physical Education and Wellness
  • lan Park - Science
  • Isabel Seo - Social Studies
  • Abigail Uy - Technology
  • Estelle Bahar Sagmal - World Language
  • Adrianna Cioffi - Salutatorian
  • Ian Park - Valedictorian

National Merit Scholarship Letters of Commendation

  • Mateen Aminyar
  • Stanley Cheng
  • Adrianna Cioffi
  • Zaid Elhadary
  • Asad Gilani
  • Dillon Kim
  • Matthew Kim
  • Irene Lee
  • Jerad McElroy
  • Raj Modi
  • Jihoo Na
  • Krish Patel
  • Neal Ramani
  • Angel Yoon

National Merit Scholarship Program Semifinalists

  • Arlene Heriveaux
  • Ian Park

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