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Paramus School District

Register Your Child

Welcome to our district! We’re happy to have you here and look forward to getting to know you and your child. Whether you’re new to the area or have a child ready for kindergarten, you’ll need to complete the registration process.

Registration Process

Please follow these four steps to enroll your child in the Paramus school system.

Step 1: Residency Verification
According to the Paramus Board of Education Residency Policy, all students must show proof of residence by submitting the appropriate forms. You may download and print the forms from the Residency Forms section on this page.

Step 2: Online Registration
Visit the Genesis Portal to complete the online registration forms. 

Step 3: Health Forms
Now that you have completed the online registration, please print and complete and submit the health forms that apply to your child’s grade level.

Step 4: Complete Mandatory Form
Next, please complete the following mandatory form prior to scheduling an appointment.

Step 5: Schedule an Appointment
Upon completion of steps 1–4, contact the Board of Education office at (201) 261.7800 extension 3053 or 3154 to schedule an appointment to complete the registration process. Please bring the following documentation to your appointment:

  • Form 100 and any other forms from Step 1 that apply
  • Completed health forms
  • Proofs of residency
  • Original birth certificate or passport       
  • Online registration confirmation page 
  • For high school only: completed supplemental registration form, transcript and current school year report card