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Paramus School District

Anti-Bullying Coordination

Our district has an Anti-Bullying Coordinator and a designated Anti-Bullying Specialist at each building. If you or your child needs to report an incident, please contact your school's anti-bullying specialist or complete and submit the form below.

Anti-Bullying Coordinator

Tiffany M. Goodson, Director of Student Personnel Services

Anti-Bullying Specialists

  • Paramus High School - Joseph Traina, Student Assistance Counselor
  • East Brook Middle School - Lauren Sciarra, Student Wellness Coordinator
  • West Brook Middle School - Eric Wolf, Student Wellness Coordinator
  • Memorial Elementary - Poonam Aier, School Counselor
  • Midland Elementary - Julia Stutzer, School Counselor
  • Parkway Elementary - Andrea Stone, School Counselor
  • Ridge Ranch Elementary - Laurie Corizzo, School Counselor
  • Stony Lane Elementary - Julia Stutzer, School Counselor