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Paramus School District

Anti-Bullying Coordination

Our district has an anti-bullying coordinator and a designated anti-bullying specialist at each building. If you or your child needs to report an incident, please contact your school's anti-bullying specialist or complete and submit the form below.

Anti-Bullying Coordinator

Tiffany M. Goodson
Director of Student Personnel Services
Anti-Bullying Coordinator
(201) 261-7800, ext. TBD

Anti-Bullying Specialists

  • Paramus High School - Joseph Traina, Student Assistance Counselor
  • East Brook Middle School - Lauren Sciarra, Student Wellness Coordinator
  • West Brook Middle School - Eric Wolf, Student Wellness Coordinator
  • Memorial Elementary - Poonam Aier, School Counselor
  • Midland Elementary - Julia Stutzer, School Counselor
  • Parkway Elementary - Andrea Stone, School Counselor
  • Ridge Ranch Elementary - Laurie Corizzo, School Counselor
  • Stony Lane Elementary - Julia Stutzer, School Counselor

NJDOE’s State School Climate Coordinator

HIB Reporting Form

This form should be used by parents or guardians to report allegations of HIB. Once the form is received by the school, the principal is responsible for implementing the school district’s policy and procedures.

HIB 338 Form for Families/Caregivers