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Paramus School District


The Paramus Technology Department has become an important and dynamic part of the Paramus school environment. Teachers incorporate the use of technology into their curricula daily. Students use technology to enhance their learning experience and prepare for the future. The department is responsible for maintaining the district's network infrastructure to assure smooth network operations and a secure network environment. 

Our Mission

The mission of the Paramus Public Schools’ Technology Department is to:

  • Focus on new technology as directed by the superintendent's office
  • Provide a comprehensive, secure, and reliable network
  • Provide up-to-date, precise network documentation
  • Provide excellent service to the students and staff
  • Maintain a comprehensive district website
  • Inventory and budget for district software
  • Inventory and budget for district computers
  • Service and support the district's student information database 
  • Service and support the district's accounting system

Contact Our Technology Staff

The Technology Department uses a work order system to handle computer needs and staff requests. This is a secure site for employees only. Please do not submit technology requests via email. Thank you. 

Kathleen McCann
Technology Coordinator
Ext: 3012
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Nora Miranda
Assistant to MIS Coordinator
Ext: 3012
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Meet the Technology Staff

Kathleen McCann, the technology coordinator, provides the day-to-day leadership for the department. She works with the board of education, the building principals, supervisors, and teachers to plan, implement, and coordinate the district's technology program.  

Nora Miranda and Stacey Lespinasse work closely with the staff running the district's student information system database. Nora and Stacey are well versed in all aspects of the student information system along with many other software applications.  

Our network administrator, Hristos Vaporakis, performs network level services including the maintenance of over 70 servers, district switches, and desktop computer policies on the domain.

Technicians/desktop support staff, Paul Herlinsky, William Bilodeau, Willie Duncan, and Peter Ng, are talented and knowledgeable. They provide technical support to the entire district of over 4,000 students and over 700 staff members.