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Paramus School District

District News

There's a lot happening in our vibrant school district! We’ll include all the latest district news on this page. Make it your first stop when you visit our website to stay updated on all the latest.

Parkway School Shark Tank 2019

Students present their ideas to Paramus administratorsParkway School students in Mrs. Bonner’s fourth-grade class participated in their very own Shark Tank! After completing the Shark Tank unit, our innovative students collaborated with a partner to build a product and create a Google Slide Show presentation to catch a “shark.” The “sharks” included Paramus administrators Dr. Michele Robinson, Tim Donahue, and Dara Carr. The teams presented their inventions to the “sharks” hoping to get a bite and make a deal. The products created were hot/cold bottle, easy kid breakfast, AVO shovel, AJ bucket, and four-seasons jacket. Teamwork, research abilities, and public speaking were just a few of the skills that the children experienced. We have a lot of budding entrepreneurs in Paramus!

    Notice of Board Meeting Dates

    Please note that the Paramus Board of Education has approved the board meeting dates for the 2019–2020 school year. For meeting dates and information, please see the notice of meeting dates.

    Harlem Wizards Visit

    On January 9, “Livewire” from the Harlem Wizards visited Memorial Elementary School in Paramus. Livewire gave the students a preview of tricks to expect in the upcoming basketball game against the Paramus “All-Stars” on March 1 at Paramus High School. Advance tickets are available at all Paramus District Schools.

    Basketball player standing with a student balancing a spinning ball on their fingerBasketball player watching student throw basketball through hoop
    Students Get Real with Engineering

    Photos about engineering students at East Brook Middle SchoolDuring December at East Brook, Mrs. Disavino’s design team of structural engineers came together to create exciting rollercoasters that included drops and loops. Reflecting on their revisions and collaboration is a vital component of the design process, so they were able to video conference with a Swedish civil engineer who helped them refine their rollercoaster designs. They incorporated science, geography, and languages into this real-world experience. 

    Mrs. Dates-McGowan’s 7th-grade students also had the opportunity to video conference with an aerospace engineer with whom they discussed real-world topics such as teamwork, revisions during the design process, and different types of engineering careers. What a great opportunity for the students! Thanks to Mrs. Carroll-Matos for sharing the photos.

    Congratulations, Mrs. Nimmo

    Person playing a violinFor two decades, School Band and Orchestra Magazine's “50 Directors Who Make a Difference” focused the spotlight on outstanding music educators from each state. This year, the organization reviewed 880 nominations. It gives us great pleasure to announce that for the 2018–2019 school year, School Band and Orchestra Magazine selected Mrs. Kim Nimmo as one of the 50 directors who make a difference. This is quite an honor for Mrs. Nimmo and for our school district. Please see the article on Mrs. Nimmo (scroll down to New Jersey). Congratulations, Mrs. Nimmo! 

    Mrs. Nimmo says, "Music is an important part of your life, but orchestra teaches more important life lessons such as responsibility, being accountable for your actions, and being an integral part of a community."

    Debate Team Members Achieve Gold

    Cavin Gada and Chery Gada with their debate awardParamus High School students Cavin Gada and Chery Gada, earned a gold TOC Public Forum Debate Bid at the Princeton Classic Debate tournament for the first time in Paramus history. The competition consisted of novice and varsity Lincoln-Douglas debate, congressional debate, public forum debate, dramatic interpretation, duo interpretation, humorous interpretation, oral interpretation, oratory, and extemporaneous speaking.

    This victory will enable them to participate in the Tournament of Champions (the most prestigious debate tournament in the United States), held at the University of Kentucky in May 2019. Congratulations Cavin and Chery! #ParamusProud