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Paramus School District
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Paramus Public Schools 

Welcome to Paramus Public Schools. Our district serves students in preschool through high school across eight campuses in Paramus, New Jersey. 

Please take some time to learn more about our district, our schools, and the dedicated professionals who take pride in helping our students become lifelong learners. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Important Announcement

As many are now aware, on Thursday morning, May 17th,  a Paramus School District bus was involved in a tragic accident when it collided with a dump truck on Route 80, near Mount Olive Township in Morris County.  Words cannot adequately express the grief and profound anguish resonating throughout the District, and the entire Paramus Community, as we try to come to terms with the impact of this tragedy and the lives it has affected.  The District’s schools opened on time this morning in order for our community to come together and grieve as a school family, and our amazing staff has been supporting our students in every way possible. We have implemented our crisis support plan and have counselors from Paramus and area districts in every building working with our students and staff to process our loss.  We urge our parents to talk to their children and seek the assistance of these trained professionals.  

 While we wish that answers could be immediately provided to all of the questions running through our heads, the investigation remains ongoing and we must defer to the capable and knowledgeable professionals diligently working to provide us with those answers.  As soon as more information becomes available to us, it will be made immediately available to the public.  

 The Board of Education is grateful to the Paramus Police Department and the Mayor for their tireless work on behalf of our school community.  Their efforts to coordinate with first responders and provide logistical support for parent unification have been the actions we train for and never hope to need.