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Paramus Board of Education

Welcome to BoardDocs:

The Paramus Board of Education utilizes BoardDocs, a Web-based system that provides a means for publishing and revising Board meeting agenda items, minutes, support documents, policies and procedures. This innovative system allows the administration to easily create, and track agenda items and other Board related documents, while providing greater access to the community on an ongoing basis.

Agendas are made public two days prior to the meeting. The Agenda for the next scheduled board meeting will be listed on the left-hand side of the BoardDocs site under the Featured tab. If you wish to view a meeting other than the current or “featured” meeting, click on the Meetings tab to access a list of all Active Meetings starting from January 2017.

When you click on a meeting date, a window opens on the right-hand side of the webpage, giving you the option to View the Agenda, which includes detailed information for each agenda item, or Print the Agenda.  A print-out will not include the additional details.  If the minutes have been approved for the meeting, a third option will be available to view the minutes.  The minutes from a school board meeting are provided in draft form in the agenda of the next regular board meeting.

To return to the "main page" of the BoardDocs® public website, simply click on the Featured tab at the top of the page.

Explore Board policies by clicking on the Policy tab and browse the Library tab for financial statements, audits, presentations, etc.

The Search tab provides a convenient way to search all agendas, minutes, policies, and documents stored in BoardDocs. 

The powerful resource supports the Board’s goal to improve meeting efficiency by streamlining agenda preparation, and reducing the district’s paper consumption. 


Chrome and Firefox are recommended when using BoardDocs.

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